Thursday, 16 February 2012

Lovely Tuesday ◕ ‿ ◕ (14022012)

halo halo amazing people !!
maaf la baru update~
d sebabkan penyakit keMALASan melanda diri ini~~ :PP
hope you guys have a SUPER great day !
post kali nie pasal 2 days ago~
tem Valentine day tu but for me and others Muslim is just another day of ;
so, me and my girlfriends celebrate the lovely tuesday with...


where we were going ? Let's keep the location secret !
perhaps who's already went there, best kan??

actually, lama da t'NIAT mo bawa my friends pi tempat tu~
baru kali nie t'capai niat mo bawa dorang pi sana~

tem tu pi ngan my two best friends ever , DAR and ZILA ;))
xjuga d lupakan kawan baru saya , CHEE ZILLA RAHMAN (bukan nama sebenar)
hihihi~ :PP
P/s : THANK YOU for all the CAMERA and our photographer that day~

So, nothing much to tell about just DO ENJOY all of the photos and our whatsoever photoshoot kunun !

Mam nasi goreng yg d bawa n masak sendiri oleh, Zila :DD
(yg pakai tudung peach/pink tu)
P/s : piring, gelas sgala d bawa oleh puan punya blog nie !
tp LUPA bawa sudu =.='

Terima kasih kepada Dar yg membawa sosej+mayonis !
(yg pakai shawl maroon/purple tu)

me ? bawa popiah goreng (mama buat) 
and kek pandan ( d beli d kedai)
P/s : Thanx Zilla, ambil gambar kami~~

Me with another Zilla~~ (beside me)
Sorang pun langsung xda bawa air mineral or air masak~
so, terpaksa cuci tangan ngan air semula jadi ;
Air laut jauh sangat mo pegi~ sempat kering tangan n tenggelam oleh pasir~

START sudah 'photoshoot' kami nie~
hihihi :PP

Models : Azilah Ismail , Darmiati Indra (bukan nama sebenar)
Cameragurl : Aza Norhidayah (bukan nama sebenar)
Locations : Secret
Makeup, Dresses : Sendiri punya :PP


Heee~~ :PP

Kami pergi dengan meninggalkan TULISAN !!
d atas pasir~~
keja cDar nie menconteng jak~
so vandalism ~~
hahaha :PP

start sudah models gambar mengambar diri sendiri !
hihihi :PP
nice shot kn ?
photographer ? myself. ;))

Sapa yg gambar sapa da nie ??

Last but not least , our last pose before go back home !
thank you for our superb photographer ever ;

So, hope you guys enjoy with my updated blog this time !
P/s : Ada yg berminat mo ambil models or photographer ??
Just called this number ;
012 3456789

hahaha~ SUPER kidding ok ;PP
Until then, perhaps see you soon~~
take care incredible people !!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

True story of SUPER cute kinda almost like LOVE, FRIENDSHIP ●﹏● ♥

Halo halo people :))
actually mo update blog dr semalam ba lg nie tp ngantuk gilak da~
so continue ari nie !
Faham ka apa maksud title tu ? =.=
Hard to explain, tp after this you will see by yourself and understand.
I prepared some of the cute love, friendship collection I've made myself ;)
P/s : Hope you guys will enjoyed it while READING and SMILING at the same time !


Conversation in a phone at night ;

Gurl : I MISSED YOU ! Please DON'T give me any respond or say something !! 
Boy : . . . Why ?
Gurl : Just DON'T ! (nervous)
Boy : But why ?? :/
Gurl : I don't WANT TO~ Please ! >.<
Boy : (sigh) Okay2, up to you~ :(
Gurl : THANK YOU ! :D (glad no rejection)
Boy : =.=  (totally blur)



If I tell you, I MISS YOU and you asked why ?
I'll answered you, I MISS YOU while I THINK ABOUT YOU for a GOOD THING !
So, no need a REASONS to miss you ! >.<
Just be THANKFUL and GRATEFUL cause I missed YOU :)


I'm afraid you will be REGRET for the rest of your life IF you TELL ME.
No need to know, I ALREADY know what you want to say.
So, please DON'T.


Situations somewhere on the phone :

Boy : (suddenly) I LIKE YOU ! >.<
Gurl : Huh ?? (pretend to hear nothing)
Boy : (panic) Let's changed topic ! (start singing)
Gurl : (in the sudden) I LIKE YOU TOO :)
Boy : (shocked) REALLY ???
Gurl : (blushed then go blurr) >.<
Boy : Okay2, I understand ! :D



If you only know what's buzzing inside, think after you knew it 
right now you were standing at the ground, 
PROMISE YOU ! After this, you will go straight up up high in the sky at the cloud,
rolling, jumping and maybe crawling all over the cloud HAPPILY
after you knew what's buzzing inside me. :D
P/s : Perhaps SOMEDAY ! ONE DAY !


I like you. You are nice to me.
Too nice. And I love you.
Yes, I do. But as a friend, good friend.
Because I cannot love you the way I loved him.


In a conclusion, NOT ALL love, friendship kinda thing ends in happily ever after~
sometimes, Love do HURTS but it got it's own CUTE and POSITIVE moments
that will REMAINS FOREVER ;))
It's depend to HOW you TREAT and FALL ONTO ---> Love <3
And DO APPRECIATE someone out there that LIKE you and really2 ADORE you,
but still you CAN'T or UNABLE treat or repay them back.
But not YOU :)
Just pray the best for them !
Until then, have a SUPER great day people ;))
THANK YOU for reading~~
Much love :))

Friday, 20 January 2012

Another C.O.N.F.E.S.S.I.O.N ♥ ಥ_ಥ

halo halo people ;))
FINALLY updated kn ?
hahaha~ :PP
ntah knp dtg plak mood mo update blog~
A LOT of tragedy happened to me lately ;/
whether is bad nor good for me~
uhh it's really drive me crazy and depressed enough !
until I'VE CRIED~ yeah,I think I've cried for like many times for this 
early month of new year 2012 :*)

but yeah I've DEAL and slowly ACCEPT the fact and truth 
that keep continue HURT myself ; POSITIVELY :))
ok2,enough about that let's go to the REAL TOPIC I want to tell here~
see that title ?
what do you think ? of course 'Confession of Love' right ??
hahaha~ the truth is YEAH~
there is another BOY or
someone trying slightly telling and confessing to me >.<
first, how to tell you guys about this guy huh ? O.o
He is really2 kind hearten type of guy (seriously) , really2 cared about me,
wanted to know all the activities I do everyday in my daily life, 
then he makes sure that he will always be there for me 
whether I'm in SUPER good nor bad situations more that anyone !

second, his characteristics ;
Same age (if i'm not mistaken), a MALE (of course), 100% chinese ^.^ , kinda tall type of guy (he told me), now currently working and staying at not Sandakan, Sabah.

third, how we met and know each other ;
AGAIN, from damn popular social network ever, FACEBOOK.
He saw the picture of me on my BFF's album then he asked my BFF about me and also ask for my number.
ohh my~
first I saw his profile picture, I don't believe that he's a Chinese cause his skin looks darker like a Malay's tone skin type =.=
i don't know why that time I've just accept him as friend then we're chatting and I just give my number cause he wanted to know me better :)

Then we continue be FRIEND and CONTACT EACH OTHER until NOW~
but honestly we kinda not really contact each other ! 
He always find me and contact me but I've ignored him >.<
think I always find and contact him when I'm already M**SED him !
or I have some probs and need somebody at that moments~

See that picture ?
I've always teased him kinda that type of situations~
hihihi :PP
P/s : He always GOT JEALOUS with my husby, LEE MIN HO <3
ohh yeah, there is one night I've called him when I'm really2 damn down and depressed and think already gone crazy , I've asked him ;
means like saying something SWEET and ROMANTIC like that~
at first, he was silent (think shocked enough) then he answered like this ;
I WANT TO but EVERYTIME I wanted to say like that to you
I've got BLANK and FORGOT what I wanted to say to you~
I'm NERVOUS and don't know how to say sweet or romantic words to you >.<
that time I've heard he saying like that I'm only SMILING and KEEP SMILING in the dark :))
and I think he's blushing ! LOL :PP

Last night , he was on9 and we chatting ~
and then suddenly he asked me this question ;
did u ever fall on love with someone, and that someone didnt care about u at all??
want to know my answer ? Sorry ! CAN'T TELL YOU THAT >.< 
then here come slightly and confessing question ;
i've been through a lot of times..but now there's 1 person..she never rejected me yet..cause i never tell her..but we never meet..and she thinks that we are too far away..i dont even know that she even like me or not..
(do you think that a CONFESSION ? )
I think so~~ >/////<
I've gave him my answer but he's not replied yet !

THE TRUTH is he kinda don't know I've already have boyfie now~

Seriously I don't know what to do~
iLIKEhim and I do sayang HIM as my good best boy friend ever but
I'm afraid he will hate me and stay away from me after this~
He already have a bad life for him this whole time and ONLY ME CHEERS HIM UP and KEEP HIM SMILING through the tough and sh*t day ! >.<
Supposed me wanted to confess to my another friend at that night ba !
(not about LOVE at all ok)
but when he said to me like that, arghhhh

In a conclusion, this story will be continued and if you guys wanted to think for what happen next be my pleasure ;))
or wanted to give me some advice, just INBOX me !
perhaps I NEED that~ (really)
Love yourself before you're in love with someone else~
and the LAST THING I wanted to do in this cold+cruel world is
to HURT someone's HEART or FEELING :*)
I rather to see and let my HEART's HURT that other people~
To be continued...

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Currently treating YOU like others, my XYZ ! ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶

hey hey people ! :))
skit lama xupdate blog~~
maaf, penyakit keMALASan melanda diri buat masa skrg~
see my title ?
wondering who's the 'YOU' right ?
before that, this 'YOU' I'm talking n writing about absolutely not my BOYFIE 
all I can say and write here without mentioning HIS nickname or real name, 
HE is a BOY !
yeahh, boy ! if GURL then I'm not STRAIGHT anymore~
kidding~~ ;PP
We've met and knew each other from this damn popular social network ever in the world that is, FACEBOOK ~

yayaya like that popular song nowadays, CHENTA D MUKA BUKU =.=
but SERIOUSLY I'm not like FALLING IN LOVE wit HIM yet !
just iLIKEhim, he makes me comfortable enough :) (before)
the things I'm gonna make a sweet memory with HIM that is,
he makes me SMILE, BLUSH and LAUGH at the same time !
noticed this sentences before? think some people will recognize who I am talking and writing about now~
honestly, this what so called 'relationship' between me and him,
it's all happen so fast and think it's ended so fast also~
like Bruno Mars said, 'Easy come, easy go...'
Things wouldn't suppose to be happen so damn complicated like this,
but yeahh that called LIFE ! (dunia dunia~)
 deep inside this HEART hoping that things will be just fine 
and go back as normal as it does before, 
but oh BOY you've HURT my HEART before you'll OWN it someday !

I've ADMITTED you makes those OLD TEARS come out finally last night ;/
 and left a SCAR on my already broken heart but
hey my mom is a NURSE, so anytime I just asked her for a PLASTER then I'll just FINE :'))
a BOY like YOU, I've already met before~
SYUKUR ALHAMDULILLAH, you've shown your true face earlier than I've expected !
you know, what ALL i've said and write to you before honestly it's come from my HEART <3
stupid am I for being really honest and nice?
but yeah I was not using my brain that time, that's why~ ;))
I just wanna be NICE and treat people GOOD as long as I'm still living and breathing in this cruel+cold world~
We only LIVED ONCE IN OUR LIFETIME, so please don't ruined or hurting other people's HEART nor LIFE~ :))

hey hey BOY ! please TAKE NOTE this ;
once you've been treat me bad, I'll IGNORE you for the rest of my life. :)
so, BOY ! Honestly comes from my wounded heart,
I'VE FORGIVED YOU for hurting and treating me not so good.
Perhaps, I should keep and continue waiting for mybubblyboy to come here and marry me~ like Mr DUNBO does ! still waiting for her Mrs DUNBO to come~ awwww

In conclusion, just continue be LOYAL (watever) to your own boyfie ~
ok people ? :PP
iLOVEmyfamilyandfriendstiltheend <3
P/s : a special thanx for my BFF ever for being there for me last night when I'm really2 DOWN and PATHETICALLY lonely ;))
Miss DARMIATI BINTI INDRA (bukan nama sebenar)
hihihi :PP

you ignore and adore the BAD SIDE of me, and you hate and love the GOOD SIDE of me~
always brings out the best of me :)
til then people, I've left some pictures of me and this person above !
take care, do something good at least ONE in your daily life and just like 
Bess Myerson said,
(iLOVEhiswords) "To fall in love is awfully simple, but to fall out of love is simply awful." :')

Friday, 2 December 2011

Different LETTERS and Different WORDS bring Different MEANINGS ٩(×̯×)۶

Halo halo again :))
kali nie post sya akan dalam Bahasa Melayu~
Maaf semua, setelah sekian lama utk pertama kalinya sya teringin plak mo post 2x dalam masa 1 ari !
Cuma mau menerangkan n b'kongsi ILMU yg pada suma orang~
harap2 pasni dapat la bezakan yaa =.=
Sila teruskan p'bacaan anda ;

Psikologi adalah ilmu pengetahuan yang mempelajari perilaku manusia dalam hubungan dengan persekitarannya.
Menurut asalnya katanya, psikologi berasal dari bahasa Yunani Kuno : " ψυχή "( Psyche yang bererti jiwa) dan "-λογία" ( -logia yang ertinya ilmu) sehingga secara etimologis , psikologi boleh diertikan dengan ilmu yang mempelajari tentang jiwa.

3 Jenis Pendekatan Psikologi ;

1. Pendekatan perilaku

Pendekatan perilaku, pada dasarnya tingkah laku adalah respon atas stimulus yang datang. Secara sederhana dapat digambarkan dalam model S - R atau suatu kaitan Stimulus - Respon. Ini bererti tingkah laku itu seperti reflek tanpa kerja mental sama sekali.


Pendekatan kognitif

Pendekatan kognitif menekankan bahawa tingkah laku adalah proses mental, di mana individu (organisma) yang aktif dalam menangkap, menilai, membandingkan, dan menanggapi stimulus sebelum melakukan reaksi. Individu menerima stimulus lalu melakukan proses mental sebelum memberikan reaksi atas stimulus yang datang.

Pendekatan psikoanalisa

Pendekatan psikoanalisa dibangunkan oleh Sigmund Freud . Ia meyakini bahawa kehidupan individu sebahagian besar dikuasai oleh alam bawah sedar . Sehingga tingkah laku banyak didasari oleh hal-hal yang tidak disedari, seperti keinginan, impuls, atau dorongan . Keinginan atau dorongan yang ditekan akan tetap hidup dalam alam bawah sedar dan sewaktu-waktu akan menuntut untuk dipuaskan.

4 Jenis Psikologi ;

1. Psikologi perkembangan
Adalah bidang kajian psikologi yang mempelajari perkembangan manusia dan faktor-faktor yang membentuk perilaku seseorang sejak lahir sampai lanjut usia . Psikologi perkembangan berkaitan rapat dengan psikologi sosial , kerana sebahagian besar perkembangan berlaku dalam konteks adanya interaksi sosial . Dan juga berkait rapat dengan psikologi keperibadian , kerana perkembangan individu dapat membentuk keperibadian khas dari individu tersebut.

2. Psikologi sosial
Bidang ini mempunyai 3 ruang lingkup, iaitu:
kajian tentang pengaruh sosial terhadap proses individu, misalnya: kajian tentang persepsi , motivasi proses belajar, atribusi (sifat)
kajian tentang proses-proses individual bersama, seperti bahasa , sikap sosial , perilaku meniru dan lain-lain
kajian tentang interaksi kumpulan, contohnya kepimpinan , komunikasi hubungan kuasa, kerjasama dalam kumpulan, dan persaingan .

3. Psikologi personaliti
Adalah bidang kajian psikologi yang mempelajari tingkah laku manusia dalam menyesuaikan diri dengan persekitaran, psikologi keperibadian berkaitan rapat dengan psikologi perkembangan dan psikologi sosial , kerana keperibadian adalah hasil daripada perkembangan individu sejak masih kecil dan bagaimana cara individu itu sendiri dalam berinteraksi sosial dengan lingkungannya.

4. Psikologi kognitif
Adalah bidang kajian psikologi yang mempelajari kemampuan kognisi , seperti: Persepsi , proses belajar , kemampuan memori , atensi , kemampuan bahasa dan emosi .

Kritikan Psikologi

Berdasarkan pengertian di atas kita diharuskan mengetahui perbezaan budaya kita dengan budaya pada saat psikologi muncul sebagai ilmu pengetahuan . Apakah kajian ilmu tersebut sesuai dengan kebudayaan kita atau ada berbedaan di dalamnya. Contohnya, ketika kita adalah suku pedalaman yang masih menggunakan cara memburu dalam kehidupan sehari-hari maka memburu boleh menjadi tolak ukur kecerdasan kita sebagai masyarakat pedalaman, bukan dilihat dari bagaimana kecerdasan itu diukur dari boleh dan tidaknya kita menghitung matematik, menjawab soal-soal ujian, menjawab siri ujian kecerdasan dan lain-lain. Kesesuaian teori psikologi dengan kebudayaan kita itulah yang benar-benar harus kita fahami, sehingga teori-teori tersebut adalah teori yang benar-benar relevan dengan kebudayaan dan diri kita sebagai manusia.

Contoh psiko mungkin? Cuma menggunakan mulut dan mengeluarkan kata2. Pastu memeberikan respon antara 1 sama lain. :)

Buli bermaksud perbuatan mengasari orang yang lemah dengan tujuan atau maksud untuk menunjukkan kekuatan masing-masing. Ini secara tidak langsung, menjadikan mereka yang lemah mematuhi atau menghormati mereka yang kuat. Ada maksud lain yang menyatakan bahawa buli bermaksud tingkah laku agresif sama ada dalam bentuk fizikal atau psikologikal yang dilakukan secara berulang kali ke atas mangsa dan ia bertujuan mendatangkan perasaan tidak selesa, aman, tenteram dan harmoni. Secara keseluruhannya, perbuatan membuli merupakan perbuatan yang tidak baik serta boleh membuatkan orang lain boleh menjadi mangsa serta boleh mendatangkan ketidak selesaan kepada orang lain.

Buli fizikal

Melibatkan pukul-memukul, memeras ugut, menampar, menendang, menarik rambut, menolak, mencubit, atau sepak terajang hingga menyebabkan kecederaan.
Paling ganas boleh menyebabkan kematian.

Apa yang patut dilakukan sekiranya dibuli?

Ini berkemungkinan boleh mengakibatkan kejadian-kejadian yang lebih memudaratkan lagi seperti bunuh, rogol, dan sebagainya. Mengikut kajian yang dilakukan oleh Presiden Persatuan Psikologi Malaysia, Datin Dr. Noran Fauziah Yaakub, terdapat beberapa tahap untuk menangani masalah buli iaitu:

Tahap sekolah

Tahap kelas

Tahap individu

Tahap ini biasanya akan melibatkan pembuli dan mangsa. Jawatankuasa penyelaras antibuli hendaklah mengadakan perbincangan menyelesaikan masalah tersebut bukan sahaja dengan pembuli dan mangsa, tetapi juga ibu bapa atau penjaga mereka.
Selain itu, guru kaunseling juga bolehlah mengadakan sesi yang memainkan peranan terhadap tingkah laku empati(daya menyelami dan memahami perasaan dan emosi orang lain) atau tidak agresif dengan pembuli. Latihan pemulihan pula perlu diadakan dengan mangsa.

Kesimpulannya, selesai membaca fakta2 yg saya cari dan fahami sendiri ini, dapat la memahami dengan lebih lanjut tentang perbezaan setiap maksud perkataan antara PSIKO dan BULI.
Syukur alhamdulillah, kita dapat berkongsi ilmu d sini dan mungkin dapat d gunakan untuk masa depan kelak,InsyaAllah.
Pa2 pun, saya cuma teringin dan terlintas untuk berkongsi ilmu bukannya untuk berlagak pandai atau apa.
P/s : Tiada apa2 kaitan ngan sapa2 yg xterasa tempias or pedasnya~ :'))
Harap Maklum.
Sekian,Terima kasih.